KURGU Dijital Ajans

Non Sparking (Ex nA) - Premium Efficiency - IE3

Typical Applications

These motors are used in environment where an explosive atmosphere will probably not be present under normal operating conditions and, if any, this will be for short periods of time.

Standard Features

- Zone 2: Temperature Class T3;

- Zone 22: Maximum motor guaranteed external surface temperature T125°C.

Temperature limitation due to the presence of dust clouds (for materials with ignition temperature above 125° C) and presence of dust layers (up to 5mm).

Note: On VFD Application, motor temperature class is ΔT = 160° marking: II 3D T160°C.

*For additional details about Inverter operation, please contact our technical support.

Options Available



IEC Standard:

Ex nA IIC Gc

Ex tc IIIB T125°C Dc IP

Ex tb IIIC T125°C Db IP6X

CENELEC Standard:

Zone 2; Group IIC; Category 3G (Gas)

Zone 22; Group IIC; Category 3D (non-conductive dust)


The classification in Group IIC means that the motor is suitable to operate also in Groups IIA and IIB once Group IIC represents an operating condition worse than Groups IIA and IIB.


WEG non sparking motors meet ATEX Directive 94/9/EC certified by BASEEFA as per EN50014 / EN50021 / EN61241-1 / IEC61241-0.