KURGU Dijital Ajans

Fan and Exhaust - Cast Iron Frame - Multivoltage - IE1

Typical Application

These motors are designed specially for axial fan manufacturers. The design allows high output in light and compact frame sizes for the following applications:

  • Fan and exhausters
  • Tunnels
  • Subways
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Underground coal mines
  • Shopping centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Other applications

Standard Features


    • Three-phase, Multivoltage
    • Single-speed, two speed Dahlander constant and variable torque. Two-speed independent winding (VI/IV constant and variable torque) or three-speed (VIII/VI/IV and XII/VI/IV)
    • Class “F” insulation – “B” Temp. Rise-80K (unless otherwise indicated)
    • Ambient temperature: 40°C at 1000 masl
    • Service factor: 1.0
    • Design: N
    • Continuous duty: S1
    • Thermistors (1/phase) from frame size 160M and above (except for Pad Mounted models)
    • Impregnation:
      • Dip and baked impregnation (frames 63 up to 200)
      • Resin continuous flow impregnation (frames 225 and above)


    • Degree of Protection: IP55
    • Squirrel cage rotor/Aluminium die cast
    • Enclosure: TEFC-Totally Enclosed Fan Cooler / TEAO-Totally Enclosed Air Over
    • Pad mounted model: frame sizes up to 250 (frame size 180M is not available)
    • Foot mounted model: 63-355 frames
    • Mounting: B3 (B30 for pad mounted motors)
    • V´ring seals
    • Ball bearings
    • Grease nipple system in frame 225S/M and above
    • Drain plug
    • Metric threaded cable entries
    • 1 meter long flying leads for pad mounted motors(without terminal box)
    • Standard color: RAL 5007

    Options available, on request